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How to create a background for long pages
How to create a background for long pages

Want to know how to create a custom background that will fit your page? Follow the instructions below!

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For context, when uploading a background image, the minimum width should be 1425 pixels wide with at least a height of 680 pixels long. When pages become longer than this default size, the background image will automatically stretch/zoom to adapt. If this is not your preference, please continue reading!

Tip: Looking to create a seamless design? Read more in the "How to create a seamless-looking background" article.


To accommodate a longer page length, upload a photo with a longer height. (Think vertical portrait orientation that would fit better vs. a horizontal landscape that would stretch.)

In the example below, we show what a long photo background looks like when it's applied to a shorter page and then what happens when it's applied to a longer page. Please note here that no stretch/zoom happened because more of the bottom just gets revealed.
​Note: Play around with cropping, it may take a few trial-and-error attempts to get it perfect.


For backgrounds where you have the flexibility to adjust the graphics, simply further extend the height space to accommodate a longer page length. The actual graphics should stay at the same size scale.

In the example below, we show how a stretch/zoom occurs when the exported background isn't long enough, compared to when it's correctly exported.


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