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Troubleshooting employee login issues: Single sign-on (SSO)
Troubleshooting employee login issues: Single sign-on (SSO)

Read on for things you should try if an employee is having trouble logging into AirMason via SSO.

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AirMason integrates with many major single sign-on platforms to facilitate an easier and more seamless experience for your team.

Here are the steps to try if someone is unable to login:

1. Ensure they're logging in at the correct place

All employees should be logging in via your employee portal URL - here's how to find it.

2. Ensure your employees know they should be logging in using their existing SSO credentials

It’s possible that employees aren’t aware that they can login using their “usual” credentials. Reiterate that they’re logging in via SSO, including the name of the system you use (Okta, Google, etc), and have them re-attempt.

3. Check the credentials they're using to login match your SSO setup

In particular, check that the email address they’re logging in with matches the record on your SSO – they need to match perfectly.

Note: If something doesn't match, they may be able to login but will be met with a "No handbooks available message". If there’s a discrepancy, employees will be placed into a safeguard “SSO Employee” group on AirMason to ensure they aren’t given access to anything they shouldn’t be able to view.

4. Ensure access has been granted on the SSO side

You will need to grant access to the AirMason platform for all users on the SSO setup. If you or your IT team/administrator needs further guidance on this specifically, please reach out to

If someone is still having trouble logging into AirMason via SSO, please reach out via Intercom live chat or email with details of the error they're experiencing and accompanying screenshots.

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