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Troubleshooting employee login issues: Activation links
Troubleshooting employee login issues: Activation links

If your employees have been sent an activation link to set up their AirMason account and are having trouble logging in, try these steps.

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An activation link is sent to each employee, to allow them to set up their AirMason account and choose their own password.

If someone’s having trouble logging in, check the following:

1. Have they activated their AirMason account?

More often than not, the employee is unable to login as they have not yet activated their AirMason account. To check if their account has been activated, go to Manage Organization, find them in the list, and check their status in this column:

Account activated

A green disc as seen above means the employee has successfully activated their account. In this case, you should advise them to go to the employee portal and reset their password.

Account inactive

A red disc means that the employee hasn’t been sent an activation link yet. To send it right away:

  1. Customize your welcome invite – this is the message that will accompany the activation link – here’s how

  2. Once that’s saved, go back to your employee list and check the box next to the employee's name on the far left

  3. Hit “Invite” at the bottom

  4. Toggle “Include activation link?” to ON

  5. Send!

Account activation pending

Finally, the envelope symbol seen above means that the employee’s account activation is pending; they’ve been sent the activation link, but are yet to complete the process of setting up their account.

Hovering over the symbol will show you both when they were added to AirMason and when their activation link was sent.

And to resend their activation link just hit the envelope symbol,

Toggle “Include activation link?” to ON,

And hit Yes, send!

You’ll see this message pop up and can then advise your employee to check their email for a new activation link.

Once they’ve activated their account, have them try logging back in at the portal with the details they just chose.

2. Are they logging in at the correct place?

Sometimes it's as simple as checking that they're logging in on the correct page. Direct the employee to your employee portal URL and have them try again.

3. Have they tried a password reset?

If all else fails, have the employee reset their password by clicking "reset password" on their employee portal login page. Have them follow the instructions in the email (from and then re-attempt logging in.

If someone is still having trouble logging into AirMason, please reach out via Intercom live chat (bottom right corner) or email with details of the error they're experiencing and accompanying screenshots.

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