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How to launch a document on AirMason - private/unlisted link
How to launch a document on AirMason - private/unlisted link

Follow the steps below and choose from a number of customizable settings to publish and share documents with your employees.

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How to launch a document on AirMason

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Our built-in launch wizard makes it easier than ever to launch a newly created document on AirMason. Just choose how it should be accessed, who by, choose activity tracking settings, then send out the notification to your team.

Follow these steps:


1. Go to, click the three vertical dots in the top-right corner of the document you want to launch, then select "Edit content"

and click on Edit Content.

2. When the document is finalized, press "Launch" in the top-right corner

You will then be taken to your editor for the chosen document.

3. Choose your security from the "Select handbook security" dropdown

Here's an article to help you understand which settings to choose.

The first step is choosing your handbook security.

4. Click to open the next step in the wizard, and choose who can access this document by selecting a group from the dropdown or by searching individual names

Learn more about employee Groups on AirMason here.

Next is choosing who gets to see this document.
Or you can choose to assign access to an individual employee by clicking add an individual...

5. Click to open the next step, handbook settings, and select which of the features you'd like to turn on for this document

  • "Handbook tracking" allows you to see when and for how long your employees have had the handbook open

  • "Read receipts" show the first time your employees open a new version of the document

  • "Signatures" requires your employees to digitally sign off on the document (you can also force employees to scroll to the end of the doc before signing, and enable confirmation emails to give employees a reference back to)

Handbook tracking will be automatically toggled on. The rest of the options will be toggles off, with the option to turn on in this step.

6. Click "Customize" to the right of the toggle switches to adjust the language of your read receipts, signature acknowledgement and confirmation emails

You can customize the language of your read receipts, signatures and confirmation emails by clicking customize.

7. Click to navigate to the final step, notifying your employees. Activate the "Send email" toggle, then adjust your launch email in the boxes below

Or, if you'd prefer to announce/communicate the launch of this document elsewhere, you can simply hit "Launch Document" and share the link directly.

Note: The platform knows which log-in method you're using and will automatically include instructions for employees at the end of this email.

If you want to send a welcome email toggle this to yes and input the welcome text that you would like to send.
The platform will automatically understand which method you're using and include the instructions for this in the text of the email.

17. Click "Launch Document"

Hit Launch Document and you're officially launched!

18. Voila! Your document has been launched.

Click on Your document has been launched!โ€ฆ

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