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How to download a signature report
How to download a signature report

This guide provides a step-by-step process to download signature reports for a document.

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Step 1: Hover over the desired document and click Signatures

Step 2: Click Download

Step 3: Give your report a name (optional) and choose whether you would like to download a PDF or CSV file

Step 4: From the next dropdown, Employee Versions, select from options to download all employee data, that of an individual, or a specific group of employees

Step 5: Choose whether to download active and inactive employee data, active only, or inactive only

Note: Inactive refers to employees who are no longer with the business.

Step 6: Choose to download signed only, unsigned only, or both

Step 7: Select the version of the handbook you need to download data for - current, previous, or all

Step 8: Under Other Settings, check boxes to include (as well as the signature data) read receipts and time tracking

Note: If downloading PDF files, you will have the option to opt for these to be downloaded as a "one-pager", which includes the acknowledgement language signed by and a link to the document itself

Step 9: Click Download Signatures. A modal will pop up in the bottom left - make sure to keep this tab open while the report is built

Step 9: Once you see Download Ready, click on the report name to access your file

For further support on exporting signature data, reach out to

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