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Guide to Employee Groups on AirMason
Guide to Employee Groups on AirMason

The beauty of AirMason is in the ability to use Groups in order to create personalized document libraries for each member of your team.

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By grouping your employees on AirMason, you can automate document access and make your HR process more seamless than ever.

Employee Groups on AirMason: Introduction

We use groups on AirMason to assign and automate access to different documents. This gives you the ability to build a personalized document library for each team member (vs a classic intranet where employees have access to all documents and must search for those relevant to them).

Having “access” means that the individual will be able to view the document when logged in to AirMason, with the option to have it displayed on their employee portal. If an employee outside of the Group tries to view this document, they’ll be unable to.

Document examples for different groups

  • Employee handbooks and HR policies:

    • Separate handbooks by location (country, state by state, different offices)

    • Host standalone addenda or additional policies relevant only to certain teams, locations, job titles, etc

  • Culture books and newsletters:

    • Include details specific to certain teams/locations, i.e. special perks available to their office, local places to check out, lunch spots

    • Personalize the onboarding experience with topical, relevant information

    • Build communities and share local event news with the right people

  • SOPs and training manuals:

    • Assign access to relevant training materials when onboarding new employees

    • Have procedures, SOPs or other role-specific documents ready and waiting in your new employees’ account

How to create Groups on AirMason

  1. Login at your admin dashboard, then click Manage Organization

2. Hit the grey “Groups” button

3. Then + Groups to create a new Group

4. Enter the group name then hit Create

5. Repeat for as many groups as you need!

Automating employee Groups on AirMason

Whether you upload new employees or they’re brought in via a feed/integration with your human resource information system (HRIS), we can set up rules which will automatically filter and assign employees into the correct groups.

There are various parameters available to filter by on AirMason:




Team name




Employee type


ID number

And the rules are created based on the information you feed into AirMason. For example:



State = CA

California Employees

Location = Remote

Field Team

Type = Non-exempt

Hourly Employees

Department = Marketing

Marketing Team

Email to see if we can integrate with your HRIS or to discuss the automatic rules you would like in place when uploading new employees to AirMason via CSV.

Quick links to Groups articles:

For more support regarding employee Groups on AirMason, reach out to the Customer Success team on

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