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Use cases for the Collapsible/Expandable template on AirMason
Use cases for the Collapsible/Expandable template on AirMason

Our collapsible/uncollapsible feature allows users to expand or collapse certain sections of content.

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Our collapsible section feature is built to enhance the organization of your content, streamline text, and ultimately provide a far more engaging reading experience for users. Here are some helpful example use cases:

  1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Collapsible sections can be used to display a list of frequently asked questions with click-to-reveal answers. This keeps the page concise while allowing users to access detailed information when needed.

  2. Lengthy Articles or Texts: In documents with lengthy content, such as legal policies or benefits information, collapsible sections can be employed to provide summaries or abstracts of each section. Users can choose to expand only the sections they are interested in reading, reducing visual clutter and improving readability. The rest they know where to find for referencing later.

  3. Policies: Lengthy legal documents like privacy policies, acceptable use and terms of service can be made more reader-friendly by organizing key information into expandable sections. Users can quickly navigate to the sections relevant to their concerns.

Remember that the goal of using collapsible sections is to enhance readability, reduce clutter, and make your documents easier to digest. When implementing this feature, ensure that it's intuitive and adds value to your employees' experience!

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