How to connect Idaptive SSO

Find out how to set up Idaptive SSO on AirMason

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Getting started:

"Employee Portal URL"

We’ll be referencing this URL throughout this article. To find out what yours is, go to Manage Organization > Employee Portal > Portal Link

Setting up AirMason app on Idaptive:

  1. Login to Idaptive and select the Web Apps menu under Dashboard

  2. On the Web Apps screen, click the Add Web Apps button

  3. While adding a new web app, switch to Custom tab and scroll down to select SAML option, then click Add. You can now close this screen

  4. On the Settings page, populate AirMason app details

  5. On the Trust page, scroll down to Service Provider Configuration section, select the Manual Configuration radio button and then set Entity ID & ACS URL as https://<Employee Portal URL>/idaptive/saml2 (replace <Employee Portal URL> with the URL outlined in the beginning of this article)

  6. On the SAML Response page, add the following attribute names (case sensitive) and map them to correct attribute values:

7. On the Permission tab, we need to add users to this app. If you'd like to add all users, click the Add button and search for “Every” in the search bar, then select “Everybody” from the result list.

Connecting Idaptive SSO app to AirMason:

  1. Under your newly created Idaptive app, go to the Trust page and copy the following:
    1.1. Entity ID / Issuer Url
    1.2. Single Sign On Url
    1.3. Signing Certificate

  2. Now, login at and select the Integrations page

  3. Select Idaptive app from SSO applications, click on Connect, and set the following parameters:
    3.1. Issuer URL as Entity ID / Issuer Url value from Step 1.1
    3.2. SAML 2.0 Endpoint as Single Sign On Url value from Step 1.2
    3.3. Certificate as Signing Certificate value from Step 1.3

Testing Idaptive SSO as an employee:

  1. Go to your Employee Portal URL. It should show you the login page for viewing your handbooks

  2. Click on "Login with Idaptive"

  3. You should be redirected to login using Idaptive SSO credentials (if you are not logged in already)

  4. Once you log in, it should bring you back to AirMason and you should be able to view handbooks you've access to (similar to what is shown below) OR see a "No handbooks" message.

For further support, please reach out to the Integrations team on

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