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How to add a collaborator
How to add a collaborator

You can have unlimited Collaborators with your subscription, and customized permissions within to ensure access only to the docs they need.

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1. Open your AirMason Admin dashboard and click "Manage organization"

Click on Manage Organization

2. Click over to the "Collaborators" tab

Click on Collaborators

3. Click on + Collaborator(s)

4. Fill out the collaborator information, then hit "Continue"

5. Use the checkboxes to customize the collaborator's permissions...

...or select a pre-made collaborator type from the dropdown options, then hit "Continue"

6. Use the checkboxes to choose which documents the collaborator has access to edit/manage, then customize their permissions within by clicking "Select rights"

7. Once you're happy with your permissions, hit "Add Collaborator". The collaborator will automatically receive an email from to activate their AirMason Admin account! πŸŽ‰

For more support regarding Collaborators on AirMason, reach out to the Customer Success team on or via the live chat bubble, bottom right.

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