Setting up AirMason app on Paylocity:

Please complete the following file and send the completed file to

Click here to download the Pade-API file

After it is completed, our team will contact you to activate the integrations

Testing Paylocity integration:

  1. Now, login to airmason and go to Integrations page

  2. Select Paylocity app from HRIS Platforms and click on Configure

  3. You should see a button named Sync Employees. Go ahead and click on it. It will bring your Paylocity employees into AirMason

  4. Now go to Manage Organization > Employees (link) and you should see your Paylocity employees being populated there.

Note: If this integration is setup then it will automatically run every 24 hours and will insert/update your Paylocity employees into AirMason.

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