How to connect HiBob integrated system

Integrate with HiBob HRIS on AirMason to automate your employee list and document access.

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Setting up the AirMason app on HiBob:

Step 1: Create a service user

  • Log in to your HiBob account with administrator user

  • From the left menu, select Settings > Integrations

  • Select Automation

  • Click the Service Users icon:

  • Enter a unique name and a display name

  • After adding these mandatory fields, click Save and the service user’s ID and token will be displayed.

    • Important! Please make sure you copy the user token - once you click Done, there is no way to view it again!

Step 2: Create a Permission Group

A "Permission Group" allows you to specify what data you want the service user, and subsequently AirMason, to have access to. Let’s follow these steps:

  1. From the left menu, select Settings > Roles & Permissions

  2. Add another group

  3. Name the Permission Group

    • i.e. "AirMason Service User Group"; this will allow you to find the group easily if you ever want to modify the data AirMason has access to

  4. In "Select Who’s in the Group", click Select and add the Service user previously created in the "Add Specific Employees", then click Apply.

    • Important! By adding employees to the permission group, you are granting them access to the data you will configure in the next step.

Step 3: Configure permissions for the Permission Group

Now that we have told HiBob who can access the data, let's see WHICH data the users in this group can access.

To be fully operational with HiBob, AirMason needs the Permission Group to have access to the below permissions. These can be set under Manage Permissions, Other Employees:

  • Address

    • View selected employees' Address sections

  • EEO

    • View selected employees' EEO sections

  • Employment

    • View selected employees' Employment sections

  • Home

    • View selected employees' Home sections

  • Lifecycle

    • View selected employees' Lifecycle sections

  • Personal

    • View selected employees' Personal sections

    • Edit selected employee's Personal sections (this is required for us to be able to fetch the birth date from HiBob)

  • Personal Contact Details

    • View selected employees' Personal contact details sections

Here's how it should look:

Step 4: Specify employees this group has the right to see

In this step you will add employees who the Permissions Apply To.

  • Important! The people added in the Applies to section are those that the permission group can view. This will specify which employees AirMason has access to.

  1. Click Select by Condition

  2. Click Edit

  3. Choose lifecycle status Employed only

  4. Click Apply and Save Changes

Connecting and testing HiBob integration:

  1. Now, login to AirMason and select Integrations

  2. Select HiBob from the list of HRIS Platforms and click Connect

  3. Fill in the company ID number from HiBob

  4. Click Connect

  5. Click Configure

  6. You should see a button labelled Sync Employees. Click this to bring your employees from HiBob into AirMason

  7. Now go to Manage Organization and you should see your HiBob employees populated there!

Note: This integration will automatically run and update your employee list every 24 hours.

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