How to connect Paylocity

Instructions for setting up your integration with Paylocity on AirMason.

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Setting up the AirMason app on Paylocity:

  1. Navigate to Paylocity Marketplace

  2. Search for AirMason

  3. Select Begin Integration

  4. Complete the Integration Request Form

The Integration Request Form replaces the legacy PADE Form. Here is a walkthrough on how to complete the form on Paylocity:

I. Contact Information

Complete the Contact Information section:

  • The Contact Name of the user making the request will automatically populate

    • The Contact Email and Contact Phone fields will automatically populate with available values

    • Users can edit the Contact Email and Contact Phone fields

  • The user cannot delete the contact making the request, but the user can add up to 9 additional company contacts (10 total supported)

  • Apply a gold star to set a company contact as a primary contact

II. Partner Account Information

Complete the partner company (AirMason) Account Information section:

  • The integration partner's section should automatically populate. If it does not, please fill in the following contact information:

    • Contact type: Partner
      Contact name: AirMason Integrations Team

      Contact email:
      Contact Phone: 1 (844) 502-3846

  • Leave the Provider Account/Plan Identifier and the Additional Information blank (this is not a requirement for AirMason)

III. Form Submission

The following will occur upon successfully submitting the form:

  • The user returns to the Marketplace directory of available integrations and sees a Success message

  • The requested integration tile will show a status of In-Progress.

Once Paylocity approves your integration, the AirMason team will be notified via email, allowing us to link your Paylocity account with your AirMason account.


I have completed the integration form on Paylocity but do not see my employees in my AirMason account yet (under Manage Organization).

Your employee information will start feeding to AirMason once we receive approval from Paylocity that the request for the integration is approved.

When does the Paylocity sync with AirMason?

The sync occurs twice a day, at 7am EST and 7pm EST.

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