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5 efficiency tips when designing your document
5 efficiency tips when designing your document

Looking to make AirMason’s easy-to-use interface even easier?

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1. Resize your images/photos before uploading.

In order to keep load times fast, AirMason caps images at 5MB; images exceeding this size will not upload. Resizing images before you start building your digital handbook is an easy way to save precious time and avoid pesky error messages.

2. Use a "blank page" to control image/logo sizing.

In order to have more control over your logo — where it’s located, how big or small it is — opt for a blank page instead of a hero page. When using a blank page, you can upload your logo as an image in the text box, allowing you to choose where it appears in relation to your title page copy. When using the hero page, the logo size and placement are fixed.

3. Shorten longer content sections with "link outs" for better engagement.

HR policies can be long and sometimes tedious to read. A simple way to make your content more consumable for employees is by shortening the copy and inviting users to "read more".

Example: "The Company does not tolerate harassment of employees because of a protected characteristic in the workplace or in a work-related situation. Violation of this policy will result in discipline, up to and including termination.

Please click here to learn more about our Anti-Harassment Policy."

4. Set your brand colour palette so the document appears on brand and consistent.

When choosing background or font colours for your handbook, why not look to your brand guidelines? AirMason’s style panel allows you to choose custom colours, so you can match your brand’s hex codes for the perfect representation of your company.

5. Get creative with photos.

Uploading photos to the background of your slides is a great way to make your handbook more visual — but it isn’t the only way! To preserve some white space without boring your audience, try uploading images inside your text box.

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