How to connect Paylocity integrated system

Find out how to set up Paylocity on AirMason

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Setting up the AirMason app on Paylocity:

  1. Navigate to Paylocity Marketplace

  2. Search for AirMason

  3. Select AirMason to view information about the selected vendor integration.

  4. Select Begin Integration to access, complete, and sign the PADE Form.

If the PADE-API Form is improperly completed, the request may be rejected and cause additional turnaround time. The signature on the PADE-API Form must be a certified digital or wet signature of an authorized Paylocity contact.

Connecting and testing Paylocity integration:

  1. Now, login to AirMason and go to Integrations page

  2. Select Paylocity app from HRIS Platforms and click on connect.

  3. Fill in the company ID number from Paylocity.

  4. Click connect.

  5. Click configure.

  6. You should see a button named Sync Employees. Go ahead and click on it. It will bring your Paylocity employees into AirMason

  7. Now go to Manage Organization > Employees (link) and you should see your Paylocity employees being populated there.

Note: If this integration is setup then it will automatically run every 24 hours and will insert/update your Paylocity employees into AirMason.

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