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How to create an anchor (bookmark) within a document
How to create an anchor (bookmark) within a document

Use anchors (AKA bookmarks) to help jump from one page or section to another, within the same or another handbook on AirMason.

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Use anchor links to direct readers to a specific place within a document on AirMason, such as a certain page or heading. Your "anchor" is the marker for which spot to drop the reader in at.

1. Navigate your cursor to the word or place you want to anchor to

AKA where you would like the hyperlink to drop readers into the document at.

Highlight the word you want to anchor

2. Click the anchor icon in the toolbar

Click on the anchor icon

3. Type a unique, memorable tag for this specific anchor, then click Ok

*Note: Case sensitive, no spaces allowed.

Type the unique name you want to give your anchor

4. Voila! You will notice a little anchor icon has appeared on the page. Your anchor is ready to be linked to and can be placed at the end of your handbook URL as #anchortag

An example URL which wants to drop the reader to our dress code policy:

The URL us constructed of the following:

  • < your organization subdomain

  • /anchors < the handbook we're pointing towards

  • #dress-code < the anchor we're dropping in at

To see it live, click this link.

Voila! You have no anchored your text!

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