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How to link between AirMason documents
How to link between AirMason documents
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In this example, we want to link a page from the AirMason Culture Book to the AirMason Handbook. The anchor has already been created in AirMason Handbook. Now we will create a link be linking the AirMason Culture book to the AirMason handbook.

Please refer back to the article below to learn how to create an anchor before linking the AirMason documents together:

1. At this point, you should have "anchored" the text or content that you want to link to.

After the content that you want to point is anchored.

2. Click the three dots and then click "Settings".

Hover over the handbook and click settings

3. Copy the entire handbook URL and then click "Back to dashboard" at the very top.

Copy the handbook URL and click back to dashboard

4. This time, hover over the document you want to link to click "Edit content".

This will open the editor.

Hover over the handbook you want to link, click on the three dots and click edit content.

5. Locate and highlight the text you want to link.

Highlight the text you want to link

6. Click on the link icon in the toolbar that pops up.

Click on the link icon in the toolbar

7. Another pop-up will appear where you can paste the URL. The document URL should come first, followed by the # anchor tag.

In this example, the full URL should read as:

Tip: You can change the target to either:

  • New window: open in a new tab when clicked

  • None: open within the same browser window when clicked

Paste the URL from step 3 and add in at the end of the URL #{anchor tag}

8. Click on OK to apply the changes.

Click on Ok

9. Voila! You have now linked your documents together. Be sure to test it out!

Voila! You have now linked your handbooks together.

Important reminders when testing links:

  1. The document that has the anchor tag needs to be published with the changes.

  2. Change the anchored document setting to public temporarily. (This will save you time so you don't have to login each time to test a link.)

  3. In the document that is NOT anchored, grab the preview link.

  4. Test out all your links that will open to the anchored handbook.

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