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How to get a handbook's preview link
How to get a handbook's preview link

There are two methods to provide a preview link. This allows anyone to view a current draft of your document without requiring a sign-in.

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Tip: Preview links are helpful when looking to get approval first (i.e. legal team) or to share with your team members what the latest changes have been without them going live.


1. In the admin dashboard, hover over the preferred tile.

Hover over the document

2. Click on the three dots in the corner to open a menu.

Click on the three dots

3. Click on "Preview editor".

Click on Preview editor

4. Voila! You have generated a preview link.

You will receive a unique preview link that you can share with anyone without needing them to sign into AirMason.

Voila! You have received a preview link.


1. If you are in the AirMason editor platform, click on the top left corner menu to showcase a dropdown.

2. Click on "Preview" and the handbook preview will open up in a new tab.

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