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How to add/edit bullet points or a numbered list
How to add/edit bullet points or a numbered list
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1. Click within the textbox or highlighted the desired text to insert a numbered list.

Click within the textbox where you would like to insert your numbered list

2. In the pop-up toolbar, click on numbered list or bullet points icon.

Click on Numbered list

3. If your text was already highlighted, it will automatically apply the bullets to the list. If not, you can now type in your text to create the bullets.

In this example, we have used the numbered list. By pressing enter/return, you will see your next numbered point automatically appear. Tip: You can also press the tab key to indent a numbered point.

Type in your text

4. To change the bullet symbol, click on the arrow specifically seen in the pop-up toolbar to select a different numbered bullet for either/or.

If you wanted to make this indented numbered point different from the others you can click on the arrow next to the numbered list button

5. This will expand some other alternative bullet designs.

Choose your design

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