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How to add footers and/or page numbers in AirMason
How to add footers and/or page numbers in AirMason

Adding footers and page numbers to your digital documents can help ease navigation for your employees.

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Step 1: Navigate to "THEME"

Open the Editor to the document you're adding footers to and click on the "THEME" tab in the top left.

Step 2: Access "Footer" options

Under "THEME" settings, find and click on the "Footer" option.

Step 3: Choose Footer Elements

Within the Footer section, you'll find options to select "Page Number" and/or "Page Title." Check your desired options to make these elements visible on your handbook pages.

Step 4: Customize your Footer under Style

Click on the "Style" tab to access colour options for your footer.

Note: Footer colors will need to be manually adjusted for each page to ensure visibility on different background colors/images etc.

Modifying footer color

Under the "Style" section, locate and click "Footer Color" to modify the colour of your footer. You can type a HEX code (and press enter to apply), or click to access the colour graph.

Note: Footer color is set to white [FFFFFF] by default)

Step 5: View the changes

You will now see your footer and/or page numbers at the bottom of your page.

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