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How to add/delete a page tag
How to add/delete a page tag

Add page tags to make your digital documents more searchable, accessible, and navigable for employees.

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Want to learn more about page tags first? Read our "What are page tags?" article or "How to search for a page tag" article.


1. Click "Style" on the page you'd like to add page tags to, then open the "Page tags" dropdown

2. Start typing and simply press enter to add a new page tag, or type to search for an existing one and select it from the options which appear

Type "policy"

3. Click on the end "New" option to create a new tag for this page

Click on New:'โ€ฆ

4. To remove a page tag, click on the X icon

Important Note: This will only remove the page tag that was applied to this page. If this page tag exists on other pages, you will need to remove them from those pages manually.

Click on remove-icon

5. Click OK to confirm tag deletion

Click on Ok

For more help and support, please reach out to with questions.

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