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How to turn on/off tracking changes
How to turn on/off tracking changes

Tracking changes allows another person to review and accept/decline any edits made to the document before publishing.

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1. In the pop-up toolbar, you can toggle between turning on/off tracking changes by clicking on the pencil icon.

Click on Toggle Tracking Changes on your toolbar

2. A pop-up window will appear with the option to "Turn on" tracking changes.

Click on Turn on

3. You can continue making edits but you will now notice these edits will have dotted lines appear for review. The reviewer can then use the checkmark or X buttons accept/decline your changes.

This button accepts one specific edit:

Once you have made edits these will appear in dotted lines for your colleagues to see clearly. They can then use the buttons on the toolbar to accept or decline your changes.

This button declines one specific edit:

This button declines a specific change

This button accepts all changes:

This button accepts all new changes throughout the document

This button declines all edits:

This button declines all new changes throughout the document

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