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Add OKTA SCIM protocol to your existing OKTA SSO setup.

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  1. Add SCIM provisioning

    • After your SSO integration is created, click the General tab.

    • Click Edit.

    • In the Provisioning section, select SCIM and click Save.

  2. Choose provisioning options

    • From the integration’s settings page, choose the Provisioning tab. The SCIM connection settings appear under Settings > Integration.

    • Click Edit.

  3. Enter the following information to set up

    • Unique identifier field for users: userName

    • Support provisioning actions: Select Import New Users and Profile Updates, Push New Users, Push Profile Updates, Push Groups.

    • Authentication Method: Select HTTP Header.

      Note: When selecting your “Supported provisioning actions”, you may choose to select “Import Groups” to experience the full provisioning functionality. If you check this box, you may find that you encounter a 400 Bad Request error upon saving your configuration. If that is the case, you’ll need to open a support ticket with Okta to request that the SELECTIVE_APP_IMPORT_PLATFORM feature is enabled.

  4. Enter API key into Authorization

    • AirMason will be providing you with your unique API key. If you have yet to receive one, please email the integrations team to set on up for you.

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