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How to move/rearrange pages
How to move/rearrange pages

There are two methods on how to move pages around in the editor.

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You can move pages individually or rearrange multiple pages at once. Keep reading to see two different methods below.

Method A: Table of Contents menu

1. In the editor, click on the menu icon located in the top left-hand corner to expand the Table of Contents.

Click on MENU

2. Click the "Reorder" button to activate checkboxes for page selection.

Click on Reorder

3. You can click on a whole section to automatically select all its corresponding pages or select individual pages.

Check on

4. After completion, click on the "Continue" button.

Click on Continue

5. The window pane will update and display a list of all currently selected pages for you to review and confirm.

Or you can click "Go back" to make any necessary edits.

Click on Section: Welcome…

6. Next, choose between moving the pages before or after a desired location.

Select After

7. Proceed with selecting the desired section or page from the dropdown list.

Click on Select a specific section or page

8. Select the desired section or page to move the pages before/after.

Click on 11. Age Requirements

9. Click the "Confirm move" button to see the changes applied. The window pane will refresh and close itself upon completion.

Click on Confirm move

10. Voila! You can double-check the changes by reviewing the newly reordered Table of Contents menu.

Method B: Sidebar Editor

1. In the sidebar editor, navigate to the desired page tile you wish to move. Click and hold on the three lines to activate a drag & drop.

Click and on the three lines on the tile

2. Drag and drop the page to its new location.

3. To move a page to the top or bottom quickly, you can also right-click on the desired page tile to reveal a list of options.

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