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How to launch a document on AirMason - Public Link
How to launch a document on AirMason - Public Link

When your document is finalized for either your internal team or external viewers, here's how to launch as a public link.

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Our built-in launch wizard makes it easier than ever to launch a newly created document on AirMason, particularly if you're launching a document for public/external use.

Follow these steps (or see the video walkthrough here):


1. Go to, click the three dots for the document you want to launch, then select "Edit content"

and click on Edit Content.

2. When the document is finalized, press "Launch" in the top-right corner

You will then be taken to your editor for the chosen document.

3. Choose Public link from the dropdown

The first step is choosing your handbook security.

4. Choose from the options: to make the handbook visible on your employee portal for those logging in, and if you'd like to set a generic password. Then hit Launch Document - and your document is now live!

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For further support, please reach out to or your Customer Success Manager.

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